Pevex X40 Inset

Brand New for this season is the Bohemia X 40 Inset stove suitable for use in a 16” x  22” fireplace opening where a tapered chair brick  (milner fireback) is in use.

This stove continues the familiar and well known Bohemia family theme by keeping the same look but with its new redesigned fireback can be installed directly into the existing chair brick with or without a flue liner.

Use of the stove in place of the existing open fire immediately improves the performance and efficiency of the old fireplace.  The stove has an efficiency of 79% when burning wood against an open fire of 20-25% achieved through better burning and more complete and efficient combustion of the wood fuel.

The Bohemia X Inset stove incorporates a large viewing window, secondary and primary air controls, air wash to keep the glass clean, full Skamolex lined fire chamber, twin baffle system, built in tertiary air to burn off any hydrocarbons and is simplicity itself to light.

The stove produces both radiant and useful convection heat by drawing air through the built in side channels and under the top convector plate.  Even though it is an inset stove, a  standard sized 300mm log can still be loaded.

  • Technical data
  • Nominal output  4W
  • Range rating  4-5KW
  • Flue outlet diameter  Ø125 mm top
  • Heating area  20-90 m2
  • Weight 61 kg
  • Distance to flammable materials to furniture  90cm
  • Efficiency when burning wood    79.3%
  • Efficiency when burning solid fuel   76.8%
  •  Dimension in mm        606 x 545 x 293 mm (HxWxD)
  • Can be installed on a 12mm hearth

CE mark, EN13240, recommended to Defra for use in smokeless zones from July 2011The stove is tested and approved for wood and smokeless fuel burning and has been recommended to Defra for smoke approval exemption from July 2011.  Application to HETAS has also been made.