No chimney? No problem? We specialize in twin wall flue systems, allowing you to install a solid fuel stove in most places inside your home.

We have been installing solid fuel stoves since 1993, I worked and trained for 4 yrs I then started Higham Installations in 1997 then in December 2012 I opened our showroom.

I have 22 years experience in fitting solid fuel appliances, I was a Hetas registered engineer from 2004-2015,  all this training is to give all our customers the peace of mind that your installation is being expertly fitted and all the advice you receive is given to you by a engineer with 11 years Hetas experience.

We have now opened a showroom, selling a wide range of multifuel stoves and accessories, The main part of our work is twin wall flue, the installation of solid fuel stoves in homes that have no chimney.

Our aim is your safety at all times, if it cannot be fitted safely we will not fit it.

We offer a free site visit, and a free estimate, We will give advise and any help we can with a smile.

 Free site visits are limited to distance please ask for details



All work must be paid for in full on the day of completion, unless other wise agreed, with Chorley fire centre.

All prices quoted do not include the price of your stove unless stated on your estimate.

Any cheque refused at our bank will incur an 8 percent representation fee, in all cases,

All work is guaranteed for a period of 6 months from the date of completion.

A minimum of three days notice is required for cancellations. Or a charge may be made for the restock of ordered items.

All breakable items must be removed from the room where the work is to be carried out.

All carpets must be removed or covered by customer in the room where work is to be done as we accept no responsibility for damaged carpets not removed or covered

All work to be started by the date given to the customer, unless agreed with the customer or if the job is affected by the weather.

Prices quoted are an estimate only, and Chorley Fire Centre try to do all work within the price quoted, any extra work will be discussed with the customer before this extra work is carried out.

Any extra work not covered by the estimate but requested by the customer will be done at the same time if possible, if not then a date and a price for this work will be given separately.

If work takes longer than quoted for then Chorley Fire Centre will stay until all work is completed, unless agreed with the customer.

If work previous to the customers, takes longer than quoted for then Chorley Fire Centre will notify you and make a new date for work to commence. Unfortunately this may be at short notice.

Any complaints will be attended to as soon as possible.

All materials remain property of Chorley Fire Centre until paid for in full.

All chimney liners are guaranteed by the manufacturers for 10yrs or 25 yrs depending on the liner chosen, all twin walled flues for 10 yrs and both are depreciating, (this means that if a liner/twin wall guaranteed for 10yrs fails 5yrs within the guarantee you will receive half the cost of the liner back, this does not include the labour costs) all guarantees are void if chimneys are not swept every 6 months, or if you have a chimney fire.

All chimneys must be swept every 12 months if not this would invalidate any guarantee

All twin wall flue is stainless steel in colour, we can have it powder coated to a colour of your choice, please ask for details, if the colour its not on your estimate it will be stainless steel so please check.

Any faults with fires not purchased through Chorley Fire Centre please contact the place of purchase, if you are uncertain if the fault is with the fire please contact me , faults with any appliance purchased from Chorley fire Centre within warrantee period will be repaired by the manufacturer or if not possible to repair will be replaced by the manufacturer if conditions of sale are met.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to check with their local council to see if they are in a smoke controlled area before the fire is to be installed.

Please check your estimate carefully to make sure everything is what you have requested, if it’s not please contact Chorley Fire Centre to make any alteration’s.

Customer must check the certificate of compliance any mistakes MUST be reported to Chorley fire centre  within 5 days of the date on the certificate.

It is the customers responsibility to make sure that your neighbours are ok with the installation of any flue that may be in their view or may be affected by smoke, as they could complain to your council, and you could be made to remove the flue.

Chorley Fire Centre can supply and fit carbon monoxide alarms, please ask for a price.

It’s the customer’s responsibility to remove any packaging or rubble as it cannot be carried in a commercial vehicle by law.

All new appliances at Chorley fire Centre comply with the new 2022 eco design regulations on emissions.

By accepting this estimate you are also accepting these terms and conditions.

The price on this estimate will be valid for 30 days from the date given on the estimate.

These Terms And Conditions Do Not Affect Your Statuary Rights.

Due to new laws brought in October 2010 a carbon monoxide alarm must be fitted in the same room as the appliance, it must be a sealed unit and comply with BS EN 50291:2001


Victorian 6 columnThe Princess Cast Iron Radiator

Throttle 15mm valve     crocus wheel 15mm