Aga Berrington

Take one look at the Berrington stove and you'll fall in love with its pebbled door surround and panned effect window, not to mention the beautifully molded cast-iron exterior, hand-finished by AGA craftsmen.

Big and beautiful, the Berrington makes a proud centrepiece for a family home. At 406mm wide, its large window is kept clean by the AGA Active Air Wash System so you can enjoy all the warmth and coziness of a real fire. The removable grate makes it easy to clean.

In terms of flexibility and choice, the Berrington delivers. It has a high chrome grate that allows you to use a variety of fuels - wood, coal or selected smokeless fuels - with a nominal heat output of up to 8.5kW (maximum heat output of 12kW) and 76% efficiency when burning wood. And just like the Much Wenlock Classic, the fire can be safely left to burn overnight on its lowest setting.

The Berrington is available in a variety of colours and finishes: matt black, gloss black enamel and gloss Majolica brown enamel.

Recommended fuel types:

  • Dry seasoned wood; Smokeless ­­- Ancit, Centurion, Coalite (Nuts), Maxibrite, Phurnacite, Sunbrite (Doubles), Extracite, Blazebrite, Anthracite (Large Nuts), Welsh Dry Steam Coal (Large Nuts).
  • Nominal Heat Output - Space 8.2 kW (Wood) 8.5 kW (Solid Fuel)
  • Efficiency (Net) 74.2% (Wood) 76.8% (Solid Fuel)
  • Dimensions 697mm (w) 495mm (d) 660mm (h) 27¾ " (w) 19½ " (d) 26 " (h)
  • Height to centre of rear flue 541mm 21 "
  • Flue Outlet Diameter 150mm 6 "
  • Flue Requirement Class 1
  • Wood Log Size (Maximum length) 400mm 15¾ "
  • Typical Refuelling Intervals 1.5 Hours (Wood) 4 Hours (Solid Fuels)
  • Weight 167 kg