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Portway Marine Stove - Multi fuel boat stove

The Portway Marine stove is the first stove in the UK that seeks to provide a solution to boat owners. Helping you to comply with the new Code of Practice and yet enabling them to cleverly utilise limited cabin space.

Portway 10 Year Guarantee

The Portway Marine stove has been specifically designed and manufactured to meet the stringent new Code of Practice for the Installation of Solid Fuel Heating and Cooking Appliances in Small Craft (British Standard BS 8511:2010).

The Marine stove helps boat owners to comply with the new Code of Practice and, at the same time, cleverly utilise limited cabin space.

The stove features built-in heat protection  panels. This allows for an air gap between the internal body of the stove and the outer body, keeping the sides of the stove much cooler than other stoves. This air gap also provides additional heat in the form of convection hot air emitted through the top of the stove which is much more effective at heating narrow boat cabins. The greatest benefit of this is that when used in conjunction with heat protection panels the stove only needs be installed 80mm away from the cabin wall and any combustibles on either side.

Other features and benefits of the Portway Marine stove include:-  Built-in steel hearth which can be placed directly on to a wooden deck - no need for a large hearth, or the 125mm concrete base that the British Standard requires for normal stoves.  A fiddle rail to stop pans from sliding off the hot plate area  A single door opening with a positive-shutting latch  A deck fastening kit included with every stove  Simple operating controls  Convected heat as well as radiant heat  Up to 4.8kW heat output and up to 75% energy efficiency  Capable of easily burning wood, anthracite and many other suitable fuel types  An Optional Boost Boiler which can provide hot water and heat one radiator
For optimum safety and performance your Marine stove must always be fitted with an insulated flue and chimney kit.
We’ve teamed up with Warstock Development Limited to offer you a complete stove and flue kit solution.

Benefits of using the right flue and chimney include:  Quicker ignition  Instant and full controllability of the stove  Longer burn times per filling – reduced fuel costs  Less objectionable smoke – keeping the glass window much cleaner  Greatly reduced risk of condensation, tarring or rusting of the chimney  Conforms to British Standard BS8511:2010.
The Portway Marine stove can be purchased through all good boat builders, boat service specialists or Portway stove stockist.

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