Broseley Serrano 7 SE

Broseley Serrano 7 SE Multi-Fuel Stove

Latest mark 2 model

DEFRA ApprovedEverything about the Serrano 7 SE is expansive

Its hefty 7kW heat output will radiate warmth around every cubic metre of the largest spaces, making it especially welcome in rooms which are open plan or where a wall has been removed between two rooms to create a spacious living area

So panoramic is the flame picture through the arched window, you can revel in the ever changing display from any corner

Easily controlled primary and preheated air wash, not only is this multi-fuel stove beautiful but practical too!

  • Cast iron construction
  • DEFRA Approved
  • Suitable for smoke controlled areas
  • High efficiency (76.3%)
  • Primary & secondary air controls
  • Top and rear outlet
  • Pre-heated air-wash coupled with primary air features
  • Cast Iron fire bricks and baffle

5 Year Warranty

Broseley Serrano 7 SE Multifuel Stove Dimensions

Total Width: 608mm

Total Height: 540mm

Total Depth: 488mm