Boru 4.8kw Semi Inset

The 4.8 kw semi is one of the most efficient
stoves on the market with an efficiency
rating of 83.2%. The tapered fireback
ensures the upmost of ease when fitting
and its C02 burn technology ensures
a cleaner burn. As with all Boru Stoves
the 4.8kw Semi comes standard with an
airwash system for cleaner glass and will
suit a standard 16” or 18” opening.


  • Airwash system for cleaner glass
  • C02 burn technology for a cleaner burn
  • Multifuel grate for burning wood and solid fuel
  • Fits into a standard 16” or 18” fireplace
  • Tapered back for easy installation
  • Radiant heat and natural hot air convection
  • 4.8kw output
  • 83.2% efficient
  • Made in Ireland