Aga Stetton Inset / SE

If you want the look of a traditional fireplace combined with the benefits of an AGA cast-iron stove, look no further than the Stretton.

This Stretton is also available in a Smoke exempt.

Easy to install, the cassette-style Stretton stove is sleekly designed to fit into a 16" (405mm) or 18" (460mm) fireplace. It produces a heat output of up to 4.9kW with 78.4% efficiency from wood. Solid fuel types include coal, anthracite and peat briquettes - achieving a 4.4kW nominal heat output with 70% efficiency.

Like all AGA stoves, the Stretton benefits from the AGA Active Air Wash System. It helps to retain heat, keep the glass clean and optimizes fuel efficiency, also available as a SE (clean burn)

The Stretton can be left burning overnight, keeping any room warm and ready for the morning. There's also an ash pan, fire fence, removable shaker grate and ash tray which make cleaning your stove quick and easy - with a 'cool touch' classic AGA black handle for safe access. Available in Matt black.

Recommended fuel type for Stretton SE:
Dry Seasoned Wood

Recommended fuel types for Multi fuel stove:
Dry Seasoned Wood; Smokeless ­­- Ancit, Centurion, Coalite (Nuts), Maxibrite, Phurnacite, Sunbrite (Doubles), Extracite, Blazebrite, Anthracite (Large Nuts), Welsh Dry Steam Coal (Large Nuts).

Nominal Heat Output - Space 4.9 kW Wood 4.4 kW Solid Fuel
Efficiency (Net) 78.4% Wood 70% Solid Fuel
Dimensions 482mm (w) 362mm (d) 605mm (h) 19 " (w) 14¼ " (d) 23 ¾ " (h)
Height to centre of flue 552mm 21¾ "
Flue Outlet Diameter 153mm 5 "
Flue Requirement Class 1 6 "
Weight 100kg